What level of waterproofing is required ?

IP63 and below is not suitable for electrical installations in wet environments.

IP64 means ~ "protected against water spray". In a canteen kitchen it may splash. A switch box of this protection class on the wall protects its built-in components sufficiently against this.

IP65 means ~ "protected against water jets".  For control boxes on the wall this is usually sufficient, because jet water runs off immediately on vertical surfaces. For lids in floors of all kinds, this is sufficient for manual wet cleaning, i.e. wet wiping and immediately dry wiping again. However, any water remaining on the lid seals will run through.

IP66 means ~ "protected against strong water jets". Lids in floors can therefore also be wet sprayed, if they are wiped dry again immediately. However, any water remaining on the lid seals will run through.

IP67 means ~ "protected against temporary immersion". Lids of all kinds in floors can be placed under water for a short time without damage, for example by wet cleaning machines which subsequently absorb the water again. Complaints are only possible here, however, if the permissible period of time and water level have been agreed in advance.

IP68 means ~ "protected against permanent immersion". Lids of all kinds in floors are protected against rising water of any origin, i.e. cleaning water, pool water in swimming pools, snowmelt in shopping malls and hangars, and last but not least flooding. However, in view of the increasing extreme weather conditions, we must now reckon with this at ground level and below.

So be careful when floor sockets or floor tanks with "waterproof IP65 / 66 / 67" are offered. This is only "waterproof" to a limited extent. Unlike with wall-mounted control cabinets, water does not run off horizontal floors but remains standing on them, which corresponds to submersion and may require IP68 protection! StarConnex floor sockets and floor tanks (except ECO series) are IP68 waterproof, with appropriate cable outlet covers even when plugs are connected.


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