Floor Sockets SUPER68

Particularly high-quality universal floor socket for indoor and outdoor use, can be driven over, can be closed high and pressurized waterproof IP68, a must also for all surfaces where wet cleaning machines are used. With 2 or 4 places for Schuko sockets or data sockets, for flush installation in screed/concrete, raised floor or ground, with all properties for demanding objects and highest mechanical as well as hygienic requirements. Schuko sockets are available according to German, English, Swiss, Belgian-French and North American standards. Minimum order quantity is 10 pieces. Even SUPER68 pavers already installed can be varied in many ways by means of mounting modules and a large range of lids. All covers presented here fit on the same SUPER68 housing.

  • German quality product
  • Solid stainless steel lid, 6 mm thick, inserted when in use
  • Suitable for indoor areas and floor coverings such as tiles, carpeting, exposed screed or parquet as well as for outdoor areas
  • Suitable for straight and angled plugs
  • Cable outlet can be closed tightly when not in use
  • Waterproof IP68 sealable, suitable for wet cleaning machines
  • Car-proof, truck-proof when installed in concrete
  • Level installation without tripping hazard
  • Design optionally with visible stainless steel lid or lid for covering
  • Delivery for tiling without surcharge millimetre-exactly suitable for your tile thickness
  • Optional 2 or 4 power sockets or data sockets
  • All common European socket standards available
  • Stepped nipple or cable glands optionally at the bottom or side

Minimum order quantity 10 pieces

If high water resistance is not necessary, please also see type SQUARE ECO

SUPER68 housings are located under the flooring, available with or without edging opposite the flooring. Lids are available in many designs, the lid diameter is only 112 mm, the housing height only 68 mm.

Housing with edging,

with 2 sockets # 0212

with 4 sockets # 0214

The sockets are on modules, available for all common European and North American UL listed 3-pole sockets.

Housing with edging,

with 2 US sockets # 0212

with 4 US sockets # 0214

Housing with edging, combined with IP68 flood-proof stainless steel lid, the classic combination.

Housing with edging # 0212 or # 0214

Stainless steel lid IP68 # 0000

Housing combined with tileable lid, both without edging, are visually even more inconspicuous. The height of the clamping screws in the flood-proof lid is individually designed to match the thickness of your floor covering.

Housing without edging # 0202 or # 0204
Lid tileable IP68 # 0002

The most inconspicuous floor sockets are combinations of housing and lid without edgings and clamping screw. The omission of the clamping screw, however, also means that the sockets are not flood-proof. This floor socket can already be cast in the screed before the tile thickness is known.

Housing without edging # 0202 or # 0204

(for 2 or 4 sockets).

Lid IP44, loose, for tiling, # 0001

Fine screed flooring belongs to modern architecture. That's why there are IP68 waterproof covers with edging. Optionally normal edging or wide design edge (picture). Also suitable for liquid applied plastic floors and cast terrazzo.

Housing with edging # 0212 or 0214.
Pourable lid with rim IP68 # 0005

The big advantage of exchangeable lids: for use, the waterproof lid can be simply removed or exchanged for a lid with a cable outlet. This stainless steel lid can be clamped with the central screw, so it is safer from loss and vandalism.

Housing with edging # 0212 or 0214.
Stainless steel lid clampable with lateral cable outlet # 0003

With this cover the cable outlet can be closed with a hinged flap IP44. It can be opened to the inside, thus avoiding a high, ugly trip hazard. A small suction cup is required for removal, which protects the lid against unauthorised removal. Alternatively with screwdriver-groove.

Housing with edging # 0212 or 0214.
Cover with cable groove + flap # 0004

For floors made of white marble or warm-toned woods, for example, brass fittings can create a higher quality ambience. The SUPER68 also offers this option as a brass lid, satin-finished, ground in a neutral direction or polished. In combination with its absolute watertightness, this makes it ideal for yacht building. Lids are available in stainless steel V2A / V4A, brass and copper, polished on request.

These carpet edging can be easily fitted into the SUPER68. The outer diameter of the edging is 138 mm (5.43"). Delivery includes an insert lid with cable outlet and a closed insert lid for removal with suction cup or optionally with screwdriver. Adapts to any new carpet thickness!

Set as accessories # 0006

Instead of an earthed socket outlet the following are possible:
1 RJ45 Cat.6 # 1011
1 Neutrik XLR # 1013
1 Neutrik-D hole pattern # 1015
Also visible in the photo is the option drain with plastic pipe. For cases where water could penetrate the lid with cable outlet.

Housing with edging # 0212 or 0214, here with 1 RJ45 Kat. 6
Lid loose with cable outlet # 0007

The floor socket SUPER68 is also available in square or rectangular design. Clampable covers without cable outlet are also waterproof IP68 and suitable for wet cleaning machines. Depending on execution an extra charge may apply for square enclosures.

Housing with square bezel 120 x 120 mm

# 0212Q or 0214Q
Square lid with cable outlet # 0007Q

This cable dome can be inserted into the SUPER68 without tools to prevent surface water from running into the ground socket. A useful accessory in wet areas. Height above ground approx. 50 mm / 2".

Housing # 0212 or # 0214.
Cable dome # 0009.

All covers presented here are also available for our cable domes and grommets. The high utility value of the SUPER68 lies not least in the comprehensive range of accessories. The cover designations are identical, with the addition "dome design".

For outdoor use in rain and snowfall, this rain canopy, which can be attached to the cable dome without tools, offers secure protection. The rain canopy is also available at the same price as the truck-proof version. It also offers absolute protection for the connected cables against vehicles of all kinds driving over the outlet.

Canopy # 0010.

Closed, our floor socket is underwater-proof IP68 and is therefore suitable for flood-prone locations, wet cleaning machines and outdoor areas. By the way, products of the class "waterproof IP67" are only splash-proof, rising water runs in. This cover of the SUPER68 is truly floodwaterproof.

Lid flood proof IP68 # 0000.

For longer use in outdoor areas or other wet areas, for example in industry, covers with up to 4 IP68 waterproof cable glands are available as accessories, for example for illuminating Christmas trees or in swimming pool areas. The plugs do not have to be removed to feed through the outlets.

Lid with IP68 flood proof cable outlets # 0008.

The connection compartment is made of insulating PVC, the load-bearing top side is made of 8 mm solid stainless steel. The StarConnex SUPER68 is car and SUV proof even without concrete, or choose the option truck proof for 20 tons. wheel load.

Option "Truck proof" # 0250.

Where opening by unauthorised persons must not be avoided, this stainless steel screw cap, which can be operated without tools, is an alternative solution. Flood-tightness and traversability are also a matter of course here.


Screw lid with grip grooves # 0011.

Removable electrants give your surfaces additional flexibility. They can be easily attached to the SUPER68-S and removed just as quickly. Power is supplied via sockets in the floor outlet. Thanks to modular technology, these Power Pillars can be fitted with a variety of different devices.

Gehäuse mit Option Elektrantenbasis # 0250.

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