Floor Sockets SQUARE120 ECO

With its attractive price, this elegant and durable stainless steel floor outlet is ideally suited for shopping centres, office spaces, hotel projects and residential buildings with upscale facilities.

  • German quality product
  • Stainless steel housing ground, 120 x120 mm x 120 mm high / 4.72" x 4.72" x 4.72" mm high
  • Solid stainless steel lid, 6 mm / 0.24" thick, inserted when in use
  • For interior areas and floor coverings such as tiles, carpeting, exposed screed or parquet
  • Suitable for straight and angled plugs
  • Also available in brass version at no extra charge
  • Cable outlet sealingly closed when not in use
  • When installed in screed waterproof IP65, suitable for manual wet cleaning
  • Truck-proof when installed in screed
  • No raised hinged lid during use
  • Level installation without tripping hazard
  • Design optionally with stainless steel visible lid or lid for tiling
  • Delivery for tiling without surcharge millimeter-exactly suitably for your tile thickness
  • Optionally 2 sockets or 1 socket and 2 data RJ45
  • All common European socket standards available
  • Stepped nipples for supply lines on all four sides
  • Step nipple optionally on the underside for integration into screed ducts
  • Four stable perforated lugs at the bottom for fastening and leveling
  • Short delivery times
  • Packaging-saving shipping as kit, screwed together in no time

Minimum order quantity 10 pieces

For round covers, operation of wet cleaning machines, outdoor areas and areas at risk of flooding, please choose type SUPER68


square stainless steel floor receptacles for shopping malls

Outstanding appearance: granite and stainless steel always match perfectly.


Interchangeable bottom socket lid with and without CABLE outlet

No tripping hazard but flush installation. The classic design is impressive through its simplicity.


Stainless steel double floor socket square

For use or non-use, the lid is simply inserted rotated. Lids without cable outlet are available to prevent unauthorised opening. Opening is then practically only possible with a suction cup.


Elegant floor socket with tileable cover

Precisely made to measure: We manufacture the floor sockets to fit your tile thickness at no extra charge. Can your tiler not cut out the cable outlet as elegantly as in these photos? Then simply send us your tiles, we will cut the cover tiles CNC-controlled to size for a small extra charge.



Square Floor receptacle, suitable for all floor coverings

For carpets, please give us the height of the carpet backing and the carpet pile. We will then take into account that the pile becomes flatter when walking on it by reducing the edge height.


Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.