Accessories for electrants

Compared to aluminium electrants, StarConnex stainless steel electrants have the advantage of higher durability and higher stability. Together with the module technology, mechanical modules for heavier loads can therefore be applied instead of socket modules. Examples are computer tables, high desk tables, stacking box holders or railing modules, which can be completed to work tables, holders for mobile transport equipment and others. If the electrants are not welded closed at the top, but have a screwed top plate (top module), hose reels, optical call pillars and other devices can be mounted on top of them. Mounted lamps illuminate the working area better and more energy-efficiently than ceiling-mounted lamps due to their proximity. StarConnex electrants provide industrial halls with significant flexibility of use. We would be pleased to offer you our comprehensive advice on the installation of the required underfloor supply.

Electrant with top module and hose reel

Up to 4 hose reels on one electrant are realizable.

Console module

Ideal as standing desk with power and network connections

Railing module

Stable stainless steel pipe for shut-off, flexible mounting of work tables, conveyor systems and other operating equipment

Storage box module

Desktop module

Load capacity 40 kg

Cast flange

for level casting in the sole. Allows easy replacement of an electrant with a cover plate for periods when the electrant is not needed or is disturbing

Lamp module

Four fluorescent lamps in vertical alignment optimally illuminate the surrounding work area.

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