StarConnex Retractable Electrant SE600

Retractable supply posts provide connections for power, data, water and waste water in outdoor areas for temporary use. The device columns can then be inserted into the ground at zero level. In contrast to underground tanks, the connections are freely accessible during use and are therefore easy to operate. It is important that they are designed to be safe for children in public areas and that the distributors integrated in the device columns are water and steam-tight due to the temperature differences.

StarConnex retractable supply posts meet these requirements. From 2020 they will be built as retractable 19" switch cabinets with internationally standardised stainless steel racks. Distribution racks are welded watertight and are available up to IP68. Further racks are equipped with NH switch disconnectors, light and power sockets as well as data and media connections. We also offer complete racks for water supply, also with water meters, system separators and waste water connections. The 19" technology offers not only flexibility in terms of equipment, but also extremely simple and manufacturer-independent maintenance.