Planning assistance for floor tanks



If the equipment is more important than the size of the floor tank, select first your module and make a note of its part number.


If the size of the floor tank is more important than its furnishings, please first select the suitable floor tank and make a note of its part number and also the number and size of the spaces for the assembly (mounting) modules (This will allow you to stay within the given tile pattern).


The supply/lead-modules are located in the outer wall of the floor tank behind each space for the assembly module in the same position (and the same size) as each assembly module.

If at this planning phase you do not know the diameter of the lead/supply line, these can also be ordered subsequently.


If you wish to construct your own floor tanks, please consider the following information (or alternatively contact us).


If you intend to include splitters (for RCCB/residual current device) or a water-inlet module, please select floor tanks with a separate compartment for each of these elements. A combination of water-inlet module and splitter is not possible.


A waste-water module M3-321 is required for floor tanks outdoors and those with sockets and a water-inlet module. Each of these floor tanks should be prepared for the fitting of this waste-water module prior to installation.


Please consider the individual space between each module and the opposing floor tank side as well as the space between opposing module. This space must allow for the socket for on-site use.


When installing floor tanks with the option of a hinged lid, these measurements are shortened in each instance by 20mm and are indicated as such.


Supply line modules are located behind each space for assembly modules (e.g. with IPON Cord Connectors) and should be ordered with the corresponding workside inlets (where appropriate Module M3-000).


Floor tanks are set flush into floor screed thus offering an unobtrusive and road-safe method of supplying large areas with energy, data, water and other media. When selecting floor tanks the following attributes should be considered:


They should be durable, and certainly for outdoor use, made entirely from stainless steel V2A (test smelt 2 austenite) or alternatively V2A (test smelt 4 austenite). A load of 2 tonnes is sufficient for indoor applications, for outdoor installations this should be 10 tonnes.

To some extent, higher loads from 15 to 90 tonnes will need to be accommodated for. Please contact us regarding any special load requirements.


Floor tank lids must be absolutely watertight to a grade of IP60 in wet- and in machine-cleaned interior settings so that no water can enter during cleaning. In wet environments a cable-dome must also be installed in order to deter rain- and residual cleaning-water.


Floor tank housings must be watertight-sealed not only in outdoor and wet environments but also in wet-cleaned interior settings. Failing this, excess cleaning water will collect between the lid, the lid-plate and cause rusting of the core.


For that reason, the corners of the tank visible from above should not present any unsealed gaps.

For safety the lids of all accessible areas must be able to be inlaid.


The individual combination of plug sockets and other devices should be available in a suitable range and where necessary installed in a modular system in order to allow for later adjustments.

As an outcome of CETA and TTIP, additional plug socket types might be developed in the future.

Floor tanks must be able to supplied with splitters for circuit breakers so that in the case of long feed lines the amount of extra line is kept to a minimum.

Housing using the available on-site splitters is cheaper up to to a length of 20m. For longer feed lines a splitter in the floor tank itself is cost-effective.


Floor tanks must be suppliable with inlet-, waste-water and media connectors. As a basic feature, StarConnex floor tanks fulfil all these criteria. They are built to the highest standards and are (approved by several standards)


The standard dimensions of StarConnex floor tanks are BT300 (300 x 300mm), BT400 (400 x 400mm), BT500 (500 x 500mm) and BT600 (600 x 600mm). The standard heights are 165 and 250mm. We recommend a hinged lid for floor tanks upwards of BT500 requiring regular access, especially where heavy paving is involved.


Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us